The Impact of Lighting on Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Explore how different lighting settings, both natural and artificial, can enhance the look of your luxury vinyl flooring. Get tips on choosing the right lighting to elevate your home’s ambiance.

Lighting and Luxury Vinyl: Enhancing Your Home’s Aesthetic

Discover How Lighting Transforms Your Vinyl Flooring

When you find the perfect luxury vinyl flooring, whether online or in a store, you might think the next steps are simple: buy it, install it, and enjoy. However, the lighting in your home—both natural and artificial—plays a crucial role in how your new floor will actually look. What appears appealing under the intense lights of a showroom can look quite different in the softer, warmer lighting of a typical home, altering your floor’s perceived colours, patterns, and textures.

Avoid Surprises with a Simple Step

To ensure there are no surprises, contact your nearest Solomons Flooring store and book in an in home consultation to see the various colours available. This way, you can observe how the appearance of the flooring looks in your home’s natural light. Samples may be able to be left to see how it changes throughout the day as the lighting in your home changes.

Natural Light vs. Artificial Light: What You Need to Know

The amount of natural light your rooms receive depends on their orientation. In Australia, for example, north-facing rooms enjoy the most sunlight, while east and west-facing rooms bask in morning and afternoon light respectively. While you can’t change the natural light, you can control the artificial lighting by adjusting the “temperature” of your bulbs and the placement of lamps.

Choosing the Right Colour Temperature

Light bulbs range from warm to cool and are measured on the Kelvin Scale. The choice of lighting, from candle-like warmth (1,000 Kelvin) to clear blue-sky coolness (10,000 Kelvin), along with your flooring, wall paint, and furnishings, will set the overall mood of your room—from cozy and welcoming to bright and modern.

Useful Tips and Resources

See It In Your Space: Use our Sultan’s Room Visualiser or the Karndean Designflooring Floorstyle visualiser to upload a photo of your room and preview different flooring options. Try it now!

View It: Check out the entire Karndean Looselay Longboard range here.

Touch and Feel: Experience our flooring’s colours and textures up close by visiting one of our showrooms or with our fantastic Shop-at-Home service. Book in here.

Important Note on Product Representation

Keep in mind that images, monitors, and printed materials may not always provide a perfect match to the actual product due to variations in lighting, colour, pattern, and texture. We recommend checking out samples in person whenever possible.

By understanding and optimising the interplay of light with your luxury vinyl flooring, you can significantly enhance the beauty and atmosphere of your home.