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Custom made curtains add the perfect finishing touch to your windows. Sultan’s Curtains designs and creates beautiful soft window solutions in a variety of styles, from a basic pinch pleat to a sophisticated top treatment.

Curtains offer a great way to add privacy to your home, while at the same time adding stunning styling to your rooms. From sheers, to blockouts to triple weave, Sultan’s Curtains have what you need for your home.

The great benefit with curtains is how they can influence the amount of light coming into the home, while adding noise resistance from outside and of course, adding privacy.

Our curtains are manufactured locally, and we only source the highest of quality materials to ensure that your curtains choice, will be durable and last for many years to come.


  • Made to measure to suit each window in your home
  • Two different heading types, wave fold or pinch pleat
  • High quality fabrics from Australian providers
  • Huge range to choose from
  • Custom made quality tracking systems
  • Free in-home style consultation
  • Professional installation service available
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quick turnaround times


Whether you’re looking for classic elegance or a modern contemporary feel, curtains provide colour and impact to any room. Curtains are a simple yet stylish and effective window coverings solution. Sultan’s Curtains are available in a wide range of designs, colours and textures from Australia’s leading fabric suppliers. Choose from our range of quality curtain fabrics including sheer, triple weave and block-out fabrics. We also offer a choice of curtain heading styles from contemporary Wave Fold through to more classic styles such as Pinch Pleat. If there is space available opt for wall-to-wall curtains. Curtains compliment a wide range of other window covering solutions, particularly Roller Blinds.

Curtains are surprisingly affordable. Sultan’s Curtains offers a quality range of fabrics, heading styles and tracking systems suitable for any budget.

All of our fabrics have been thoroughly tested to ensure that your curtains will look brand new and unfaded for many years to come.

Curtains provide excellent light control, privacy and reduce outside noise levels allowing you to effortlessly and effectively control your environment. Curtains act as a great insulator. They can reduce noise, reduce heat loss and keep a room cooler.


Curtains make a great addition to every home but there are a few things that everyone should consider before purchasing any new window treatment.

  1. Which room is the window treatment for?
    The fabric and style of your window treatments should vary based on the room’s your window treatments are placed in. A Theatre Room that requires noise reduction and darkness will require different window treatments than your living room – where you might prioritise natural light in your living room. Similarly, whilst light control might be top priority in your bedroom, sheer fabrics may be a better choice for a bright and airy dining space.
  2. What décor does the room currently have? What fabric type should I choose?
    A great place to start is with the décor you already have. Consider the colours, textures and patterns in the room that you’re planning to add your new window treatments to. What colour are your walls? If they’re white, do they have cool or warm undertones? What colours and textures are your soft furnishings? Your existing décor will provide the cues for selecting the perfect shade or texture.
  3. How much sunlight does the room get?
    Consider the amount of light that your room receives and the room’s daily use. Does sunlight stream into your bedroom in the morning? Consider a block-out fabric which will keep your bedroom nice and dark until you’re ready to start the day. There may be some rooms that might benefit from maximum natural light, add some warmth and refinement to your living room with contemporary sheer curtains.
  4. Do you need to create privacy?
    Curtains provide excellent privacy, light control and reduce outside noise allowing you to effectively control your environment. Layer our sheer curtains over roller blinds to allow for night time privacy and light control. For the ideal combination, integrate sheer and blockout curtains together with our double curtains.


Our double curtains combine our block out and sheer curtains together on the one window for a well-designed and versatile finish. You have the choice of having either the blockout or sheer on the front or back. Draw open the blockout during the day and leave the sheer curtain closed for diffused natural light and daytime privacy. Close the blockout at night for complete light control, privacy and thermal & noise insulation.

For an obligation free in-home style consultation, contact us today and the Sultan will bring samples to your home or office, so you can see what will look perfect in your own space. Or pop into one of our showrooms to see the entire range.