Shutters – Best Choices for Humidity

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Stay Stylish and Practical: Best Window Furnishings for Humid Environments

Living in a humid climate or having rooms like bathrooms and kitchens that naturally retain more moisture requires a specific choice in window furnishings. If you choose poorly, you could face issues like warping, chipping, or even mould growth on your blinds or shutters. Thankfully, there are several robust options available that are perfect for these challenging environments.

Best Materials for Humid Spaces

When selecting window coverings for areas prone to dampness, materials like PVC, aluminium, or their combinations are your best bet. These materials are highly resistant to moisture, ensuring that your blinds and shutters stay free from mildew, avoid deforming, and maintain their beauty without cracking or chipping.

PVC and Aluminium Shutters: The Top Choice

PVC and aluminium shutters are standout choices for humid and wet areas. Their synthetic composition means they’re less likely to be affected by moisture compared to organic materials. This makes them a reliable option that won’t easily warp or get damaged. Besides their practicality, these shutters fit beautifully into a wide array of architectural styles. They’re designed to last, offering both light control and privacy, and they mimic the elegant look of traditional timber shutters. So, you get durability plus a timeless aesthetic.

Highprofile Avenir Aluminium Shutters

For an elegant and practical solution in spaces like bathrooms, Highprofile Avenir aluminium shutters are an ideal pick. They combine durability with style, ensuring longevity and visual appeal in moist conditions.

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Alternative Option: Interior Roller Blinds

If shutters are beyond your current budget, consider interior roller blinds as an effective alternative. Modern roller blinds come with various treatments to enhance their durability—UV protection, fade resistance, and even fire retardance. For humid areas, choosing blinds with mould, mildew, and bacteria-resistant properties is wise, ensuring long-lasting functionality and hygiene.

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