Wood Effects

Transform your home with the natural beauty of Wood Effects luxury vinyl planks. Choose from 12 exquisite timber species and enjoy superior underfoot comfort and durability. Water-proof and low maintenance, our planks come with a 25-year warranty for long-lasting style and elegance. Upgrade your floors and add a touch of WOW to every room in your home.


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    Solomons Flooring - water resistant Icon
    100% Water Resistant
    Solomons Flooring - durable fabric Icon
    Hard Wearing
    Solomons Flooring - durable fabric Icon
    Heavy Duty
    Solomons Flooring - painter Icon
    Timber Look
    Solomons Flooring - thumbs up Icon
    Easy Maintenance
    Solomons Flooring - Baby Icon
    Kid Friendly
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    Pet Friendly
    Solomons Flooring - stain repellent Icon
    Scratch Resistant
    Solomons Flooring - stain repellent Icon
    Stain Resistant
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    4 Sided Micro Bevel


    Product Vinyl Flooring, Luxury Vinyl Tiles
    Product Code
    Colour Description
    Range Name Wood Effects
    Style Luxury Vinyl Plank
    Board Size
    Board Size Type Standard
    Material Type PVC
    Hardfloor Type Vinyl Plank
    Price Indicator $
    Warranty 25 Years (Residential)
    Other Warranty 10 Years Commercial