Discover the ultimate flooring solution with Primetex Sheet vinyl. Designed for comfort and convenience, it offers unparalleled acoustic comfort, making it perfect for any space. With its easy-to-clean surface, maintenance is a breeze, while its tough and durable composition ensures longevity. Primetex is water-tight and boasts low VOC emissions, ensuring a healthier indoor environment. Crafted using 95% recycled fibres, it’s eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, aligning with sustainable practices. Enjoy peace of mind with its scratch and stain-resistant properties, ideal for busy households and high-traffic areas. Primetex is the epitome of kid-friendly flooring, providing a safe and resilient surface for little ones to play on. Upgrade your space with Primetex Sheet vinyl for a perfect blend of comfort, style, and sustainability.


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    Acoustic Comfort
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    Easy To Clean
    Solomons Flooring - durable fabric Icon
    Tough & Durable
    Solomons Flooring - water resistant Icon
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    Low VOC's
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    Made Using 95% Recycled Fibres
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    100% Recyclable
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    Scratch Resistant
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    Stain Resistant
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    Kid Friendly


    Product Vinyl Flooring, Sheet Vinyl
    Product Code
    Colour Description
    Range Name Primetex
    Style Sheet Vinyl
    Board Size
    Board Size Type Sheet
    Material Type Fibreglass Interlayer
    Hardfloor Type Sheet Vinyl
    Price Indicator $
    Warranty 10 Years (Residential)