New Orleans Blockout

Step into the soul of New Orleans with our New Orleans Block Out roller blinds. Ditch the scorching sun and glaring streetlights – these aren’t your average window dressings, they’re your key to instant serenity.

Crafted in Australia with Aussie grit, these blinds are woven from 100% polyester, tough enough for a Bourbon Street parade and smooth as a jazz melody. Choose from a vibrant symphony of 12 colours, each a whisper of the Big Easy’s spirit. From fiery Cajun sunsets to cool Mississippi blues, there’s a New Orleans Block Out to paint your space with Southern charm.

But beyond the beauty, these blinds are your personal power play against the heat. They stand resolute against unwanted glare and sunlight, keeping your home cool and energy efficient. Crank up the tunes, let the AC take a break – you’ve got your own Crescent City oasis built right into your window.

New Orleans Block Out roller blinds: Where modern control meets Southern swagger. Take a bite out of the Big Easy’s charm, anytime.


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    Product Blinds, Roller Blinds
    Product Code
    Colour Description
    Range Name New Orleans Blockout
    Colour Group
    Fabric Type Blockout
    Fabric 100% Polyester
    Price Indicator $$$
    Warranty 5 Years