Linesque Blockout

Craving a haven from the outside world? Yearning for a sleep sanctuary bathed in blissful darkness? Look no further than Linesque Block Out Roller Blinds, your gateway to ultimate light control and effortless style.

Crafted with 100% premium polyester right here in Australia, Linesque blinds offer more than just shade; they’re a statement of refined taste and unwavering quality. Forget flimsy fabrics and frustrating light bleed. Linesque boasts an impenetrable blackout weave, ensuring your room plunges into complete darkness at your command. Whether you’re seeking a midday siesta, a movie night without glare, or simply uninterrupted slumber, Linesque delivers the ultimate blackout experience.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Linesque blinds come adorned in a stunning palette of 12 vibrant and neutral hues, ready to complement any décor. From sleek contemporary whites and greys to warm, earthy tones and playful pops of colour, there’s a perfect match for your unique style.


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    Great For Insulation
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    Hard Wearing
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    Ultimate Darkness
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    Easy To Clean
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    High Privacy


    Product Blinds, Panel Glides, Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds
    Product Code
    Colour Description
    Range Name Linesque Blockout
    Colour Group
    Fabric Type Blockout
    Fabric 100% Polyester
    Price Indicator $$
    Warranty 1 Year