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Due to Australia’s fantastic climate, entertaining outdoors has always been a popular way to spend the warmer months with family and friends. But sometimes, the harsh Aussie sun can make spending time on exposed patios and decks an uncomfortable experience.

Even inside our homes, direct sunlight is a source of unwanted heat, especially in the warmer months.

Outdoors with screens

Adding shade to your home can create a cooler environment which will not only save you money in cooling costs, but will also give your home an impressive look and feel.

At Solomons, we offer a wide range of outdoor awnings including Zip Screen, Zip Trak, outdoor shutters and other wide width screens and awnings from our popular Sultan’s Outdoor range.

The Sultan’s Outdoor range is a great alternative to traditional shutters and awnings and are custom made to suit your specific needs. Widths and drops vary from screen to screen with options available for wide widths of up to 7 metres. No matter the size, your home and outdoor entertaining areas will look fantastic for years to come.


Features and Benefits

  • You can choose the height and width of your custom designed screens.
  • The concealed lock secures the fabric into position within the channels, resulting in a strong, streamlined look.
  • Screens feature a smooth fabric finish that is both secure and tensioned.
  • Choose from a wide range of fabrics including mesh and canvas (varies with different screen options)
  • Custom made to your exact requirements


Coastal Use

Insect Resistant


UV Protection

Wind Resistant

Control Options

Manual Control


Screens can either be operated manually or with a spring or crank solution. With the weight, you can easily open and close the door. A crank handle can be attached to the handle bar or wound by hand.

Motor Control


You can power your new Screen with a high-quality motor. You can operate effortlessly and conveniently with just a touch or a voice command.

Wi-fi Control


Smart Home integration can assist with the opening and closing of the screens, from anywhere your smart device is connected via Wi-Fi.

Care Instructions

You should clean your Screen at least every three months, or more frequently if you live in a coastal area.

You should always remove dirt, animal droppings, and stains as soon as possible to prevent your heating and cooling system from deteriorating.

Cleaning aluminium extrusions can be done using a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Use a mild detergent if necessary.

To maintain fabric cleanliness, please refer to your retailer and find more information about the fabric used by your system

The majority of external fabrics can be washed with a low-pressure hose and soft brush. Retracting the screen should always be done after the fabric has completely dried.

Enquire Today

Check out the entire range at your local Solomons Flooring and Sultan’s Blinds showroom or we can come to your home or commercial premises with our shop at home service. Or take advantage of our virtual online appointments. Locate your nearest store or call 1300-765-088.

Outdoor Screens


Outdoor Screens


Outdoor Screens


Outdoor Screens


Outdoor Screens


Outdoor Screens


Outdoor Screens


Outdoor Screens


Note: Images are indicative only. Each Solomons Flooring & Sultan's Blinds store has a varying range of different window furnishings available. Check with your local store to see the entire range available in that store.

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