What Is Hybrid Flooring? Everything You Need to Know

September 13th, 2022

What Is Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid flooring is one of the latest flooring innovations and is becoming increasingly popular. Find out why here.

Hybrid flooring, as the name suggests is a combination of two flooring types – laminate and vinyl flooring. Hybrid flooring is truly one of the most exciting flooring innovations, as it combines the best features of both laminate and vinyl to create a floating floor.


Hybrid floors are constructed of four layers, which are comprised of; a pre-adhered backing layer for comfort underfoot and absorbing sound, a waterproof core layer, a decorative layer to mimic the look of authentic timber flooring and finished with a top hard-wearing surface layer.


Hybrid flooring is becoming increasingly popular as it’s a great opportunity for all types of areas and lifestyles. The four layers which make up hybrid are what make it so unique and versatile.


One of the many benefits which makes Hybrid flooring so popular is due to its waterproof nature. Thanks to the waterproof core layer and protective top coat, it is now possible to install Hybrid in all areas including wet rooms and high-moisture areas such as laundries, bathrooms and kitchens, without the risk of swelling or splitting.


Constant temperature changes are a common reality in Australia and as a result it leaves flooring suspectable to expanding and contracting based on these temperature fluctuations. With constant expanding and contracting the floors are at risk of becoming damaged and leaving uneven surfaces. Unlike other flooring, Hybrid flooring is designed to withstand these extreme temperature changes.


Hybrid floors are manufactured to be resistant to UV light, stains, dents and scratches making them an ideal option for a wide variety of areas and lifestyles, from high traffic commercial spaces to homes with young, busy families and even households with pets.


The first of the four layers plays an integral part in reducing sound acoustics. This layer also provides extra density to further cushion the surface for ultimate comfort.


Cleaning and caring for Hybrid flooring is easy. Simply vacuum or sweep to remove any loose dirt, follow by mopping the floor using a damp mop to maintain beautifully clean floors. No special cleaning solutions are required but do avoid anything abrasive. It is also important to always wipe up stains as soon as possible to avoid possible absorption.


The special technology used in the decorative layer mimics the edges, variations and textures found in timber but at a fraction of the price.

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