Tips: How To Choose Your Flooring

January 29th, 2019

Stylist Hayley Jenkin shares her tips on how to choose the best flooring for your home.

Whether you are building, renovating or undertaking a little update on your home, selecting build finishes can
quickly become an overwhelming task.

Deciding on your flooring is just about as crucial as it gets. Paint can be easily updated or cabinetry colours’
tweaked, but flooring is the base of which your whole home’s style is built upon (quite literally). To save you
from feeling the decision-making strain, I’ve compiled my top tips for choosing the perfect flooring option.

Find your style aesthetic

Firstly, you need to consider what is your home’s overall style? Are you after a relaxed casual feel or something
more formal?

Lighter timber floors will lend themselves beautifully to an airy, casual home, and dark timber floors are great
for a higher end look, especially when paired with black finishes. Just be wary of using darker floors in tight
spaces as it can make them feel even smaller.

No idea what your style aesthetic is? Browse through the Solomons catalogue, or create a Pinterest Board and
you’ll soon see a pattern emerging. This can help guide you in choices that will suit your personal style.

Function vs design

The next question to ask yourself, is how are you going to be using the space? Is it a high traffic area or
somewhere you plan on regularly entertaining in? Or part of an inside/outside living zone more exposed to
the elements?

The look of quality timber floors are always my personal preference no matter how a home is used, but for those on a budget or after a hardy floor, the new vinyl flooring options are incredible for high traffic areas.

Natural light

Nothing highlights a beautiful room like natural lighting, but it can wreak havoc on your beloved floors. If your
space receives large amounts of harsh full sun, make sure you lean towards flooring options that will handle
this for many years to come.

Consider your furniture

Lastly, think about how the flooring style you choose will work with your existing furniture. Thinking of your
interior as a whole will help guide your choices in your floor selection. But don’t be afraid to mix timbers as
often lighter furniture contrast beautifully with darker floors.

The key thing to remember is, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the amazing ranges to choose from,
instead arm yourself with your preferences, style, budget and questions, and contact your nearest
Solomons Flooring Showroom to help you find your perfect match with confidence.

Hayley is the founder and creative director of Wholehearted Studio, a styling and photography studio based in South East Queensland. Her work has been featured in many of Australia’s top magazines and she continues to build her styling portfolio while restoring her 1930’s Queenslander on the Sunshine Coast.