Renovate with Confidence

September 2nd, 2019

Stylist Hayley Jenkin shares her 3 easy steps on how to confidently renovate your home flooring.

Renovation fever is in full swing in Australia. Shows like The Block and House Rules are fast favourites for TV audiences, and have only helped the renovation bug spread across the country.

We find ourselves caught up in the drama of each renovation show, and how certain couples should have done this or definitely avoided doing that. Now we all appear to be experts – especially when we are watching from the safety and comfort of our own couch.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise when I hear more people are opting to project manage their own renovations. I love a bold move, but this one comes with a word of warning; it can become a costly exercise if you later regret your choices. Renovating will generally involve a whole lot more decision making than you initially plan for, so we have three easy steps that will help you DIY your way to interior glory.

1. Lock Down Your Vision

First things first, lock down what style you want your house to be. This will guide you to choose what flooring type to go with, as well as every other design decision you’ll need to make. So make sure you clearly define your vision, and try to avoid tackling too many ‘styles’ or ‘trends’.

A great way to do this is to pull together a physical mood board, using magazine cut outs, samples and swatches. You can chop and change the mood board until you’ve reached a clear direction to steer your renovation.

2. Consider the Space

With a renovation you aren’t working with a blank canvas, rather one with existing issues or areas that need addressing. So once any layout changes have been decided upon, ensure you have a clear understanding of how the new and improved space will be ‘lived in’, and where the high traffic areas will be.

Different flooring products will suit different areas. Whether you are thinking of putting in carpet, timber, laminate, vinyl or Hybrid flooring, it is important to know the practical elements your space needs. Once you know this it will make it easier to narrow down other specifics, such as colour and style.

3. Shop at Home with Solomons

Now that you have a clear vision in mind, the next step is as easy as picking up the phone and booking in a Solomons ‘Shop At Home’ Service with your local Solomons store!

This service is perfect for those of you who wish you could actually bring your home in store with you when you are shopping for your floors.

To save you the frustration of describing your home and needs, Solomons come out to you armed with samples so you can see them in situ within your home right then and there.

They can help you choose the perfect product to match in with your renovation vision, colours and your decor. Then they will measure up and work out all your requirements as well, saving you the stress of trying to crunch the numbers yourself.

This kind of help and service will be a game changer for any DIY renovator. Making renovation choices with confidence is what makes renovating a joy, so remove the agonising decision making and pull in the flooring specialists from the get go.

Hayley is the founder and creative director of Wholehearted Studio, a styling and photography studio based in South East Queensland. Her work has been featured in many of Australia’s top magazines and she continues to build her styling portfolio while restoring her 1930’s Queenslander on the Sunshine Coast.

To follow Hayley visit @wholeheartedstudio on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.