How to style your home for winter

March 1st, 2020

Solomons Flooring

After our long, extended Summer here in Australia, we love the wonderful reprieve that Winter brings. Our climate fluctuates extensively, and just as we design our homes to withstand those hot, muggy days, we also need to prepare for when the chill sets in, with clever design and style choices.

Choose Timber Floors That Can Host Underfloor Heating

Anyone who has underfloor heating will vouch for what a game changer it is in creating a cosy atmosphere at home. The Solomons Parador Trendtime range is a beautiful timber flooring that can host underfloor heating systems. A great feature of timber flooring is how it ages beautifully over time. It will add that visual ‘lived in warmth’ to the style of your home that only comes from quality natural timbers.

Embrace Texture & Layers

Including the Solomons carpet range into your bedrooms will keep the warmth of your home in and your sleeping areas draft free. If you’re working with timber or laminate flooring, add warmth by layering rugs in high use spots like beside your bed or in your lounge areas. Quality window coverings will also assist in sustainably retaining warmth in rooms, while adding layers and texture to your decor.

Get Creative With Decor

This is where we make a house a home, by styling with thoughtful and personalised touches around your home. It might be baskets filled with throw blankets beside the lounge, stacks of books for cosy nights in or adding an overall layer of darker and textured decor for visual warmth. Have a play with things you already own, creating ‘cosy moments’ around your home, and enjoy another season of Winter memories with your loved ones.

Hayley is the creative director and stylist of Wholehearted Studio, a creative styling studio based in South East Queensland. Her work has been featured in Australia’s top magazines and she continues to build her styling portfolio while restoring her 1930’s Queenslander on the Sunshine Coast.

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