How to Style Your Home for Summer

November 13th, 2019

Here in Australia, we’re spoilt with a blissfully long summer season, suiting our laid-back lifestyle perfectly. But embracing those summery, holiday styles at home well, can be easier said than done. Here are some tips to help you turn your home into your very staycation oasis.

Light Timber Flooring

Lighten up your space to quickly increase the ‘sunshine’ factor. Lighter flooring options are a surefire way to brighten a space, with oak tones currently trending.

The Parador Herringbone Oak Pure or Parador Trendtime Plus Oak Natural both make stylish, light and classic statements. An amazing laminate option for a ‘Summer in the Hamptons’ look is the Pergo Modern Sensation – Coastal Oak.

Waterproof Your Space

For those with pools (or even making do with the humble Aussie sprinkler) it’s important to make the transition from the wet area back into your home a smooth one.

We’re loving the Coretec Xl – Highlands Oak option, it’s 100% waterproof and scratch resistant, and one of our favourite lighter colours in the Solomons Hybrid range.

Bring The Outdoors In

No matter what your flooring type, bringing the outdoors in with greenery is a sure way to add that summery style to your home.

Indoor Plants are enjoying an enduring moment in the spotlight, and can easily liven up any space in your home. I especially love the Banana Palm, Rubber Plant, and any plant from the succulent family.

The String Of Pearls succulent is an all time favourite thanks to its cascading strands, making it perfect for shelves.

Style With Colour

Then comes my favourite part, layering with accessories. I like to take a practical approach when it comes to summer styling in my home, so I consider what it is I will be doing, while adding in objects of colour.

For you, it could mean adding in a new doormat to cheer up your entryway for visitors, bright beach towels near your pool area for days spent in the pool or stacks of colourful books for afternoon reading sessions.

Hayley is the founder and creative director of Wholehearted Studio, a styling and photography studio based in South East Queensland. Her work has been featured in many of Australia’s top magazines and she continues to build her styling portfolio while restoring her 1930’s Queenslander on the Sunshine Coast.

To follow Hayley visit @wholeheartedstudio on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.