How to match your flooring to your interior like a stylist

May 28th, 2019

Stylist Hayley Jenkin shares her insider tricks on how to style your home from the floor up.

Finally having your dream flooring laid and finished is an amazing moment. But now they are in, it can be a little daunting on how to tackle the rest of your interior styling. Between using your existing items and wanting to refresh the space with new purchases, it can quickly become a hard task to complete a room with a balanced aesthetic. So here are some great points to consider and guide your decisions, and help you create a refreshing and stylish new space.

Wall Colour

Aside from your floors, the walls are the largest area in your home to decorate. So it is vital to choose wall colours that work in harmony with your floors.

If you have ash toned floors, natural whites or greys will work best. For yellow toned floors, whites with a yellow tint will work, but be wary of whites with a blue base as they really stand out against yellow flooring. Always test your paints on a sample wall area close to the floor so you can compare once dried. The larger the area to test the better!

Natural lighting in homes will change how colours look, so it is important to trial colours and also view the tested area at varying times of the day in different light.

Furniture Selections

Again colour comes into play here and the same principles from above apply when matching your furniture to your new floors. But in this case you will also want to consider how any wooden furniture will suit or clash with your flooring, especially if the floors are timber.

A lot of timber floors will be made up of at least two timber tones. So to keep your interiors cohesive, make sure any timber furniture matches up to at least one of the timber colours in the floor. And always remember to felt the bottom of dining chairs to protect your floors.


Little story telling details around a home are by far my favourite type of styling. This is the perfect opportunity to add in another layer of object styling that can add unique character points to your space, as well as elevate your stylish flooring choice. I recommend adding accessories of a similar texture and colour to bring the room together.

For example if you have installed a dark lush carpet, a similar texture wool throw would be a perfect cosy addition to a lounge. Or if you have installed lighter toned timber floors, light rattan baskets or dried palm arrangements will cohesively bring your room together.


There are so many things to be taken into consideration when lighting a room, and your flooring choice is a crucial part in the decision process. If you have darker flooring, standing lamps or drop down pendants can cast the light you need to make the floor really sing.

Lighter timber floors look fabulous with wicker blonde woven pendants, and darker ash floors look amazing with matt black industrial style ones. Again with these selections you will want to take into consideration the tones and texture of your floors, as well as other parts of your home design as well.

The feeling of brand new floors is one you won’t regret, so taking the time to style your home and help your floors look their best will be well worth the time and effort. If you get stuck with floor selections, the helpful team at Solomons are amazing and always more than happy to work it out with you.

Hayley is the founder and creative director of Wholehearted Studio, a styling and photography studio based in South East Queensland. Her work has been featured in many of Australia’s top magazines and she continues to build her styling portfolio while restoring her 1930’s Queenslander on the Sunshine Coast.

To follow Hayley visit @wholeheartedstudio on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.