Choosing the Right Type of Flooring for Different Areas of Your Home

June 3rd, 2020

Choosing the right type of flooring for different areas of your home, can be a daunting process. What works in one room, may not necessarily work in another.

Thankfully, the flooring specialists at Solomons Flooring can help you choose the best flooring option for each room in your home.

Best Type of Flooring for the Living Room

The living room is the place where the family generally spends most of their time together. Kids, pets, food, drinks, plus countless different types of footwear, all contribute to the demands placed on the living room floor. This is why hard flooring options are very popular in living rooms around Australia.

This popular option is perfect for high traffic areas due to its unbeatable engineered qualities and synonymous longevity. Timber flooring is also renowned for its timeless visual appeal and its ability to bring warmth and style into a space and by adding the wow factor to your home.

Finish your living room with a plush rug to make your guests feel right at home.

Living Room

Timber flooring is one of the most popular choices for the living room.

Best Type of Flooring for the Bedroom

Create your own secluded sanctuary by  choosing carpet  in the bedroom. With less foot traffic than most other spaces, homeowners can get away with using a softer fabric without worrying about tread marks and damage. Instead, reap the rewards of undeniable comfort and warmth thanks to great insulating properties and pile type – all of which helps build your own relaxing retreat.

Bed Room

Add instant comfort and luxury to your bedroom with carpet.

Best Type of Flooring for the Kitchen

Get the look of luxury for less by using the on-trend hybrid flooring in your kitchen. Expertly engineered to dupe the design of luxury hardwood planks and ceramic tiles, this style of flooring is also created to withstand the demands of areas prone to moisture, such as the kitchen. With 100 per cent water resistance and high durability, spills, high traffic and the risk of other issues are taken care of.


Hybrid flooring is one of the most practical options for a kitchen space.

Best Type of Flooring for the Kids’ Bedroom

In your child’s bedroom, who knows what adventure awaits? However, you can be sure of one thing – playtime is no match for  laminate flooring . Comprised of a unique layering system that features a resilient substrate and top protective wear sheet, laminate is perfect at keeping scratches and other rambunctious playtime risks at bay. Just like the previous living room scenario, introduce an array of rugs to bring in an extra element of comfort and fun.

Kid's room

Protect your floor from playtimes by choosing laminate

The above flooring types aren’t just restricted for use in the previously-mentioned rooms – all lend themselves well for a multitude of purposes. Head into your local Solomons Flooring showroom or have us come to your home for an obligation free in-home consultation.