Custom Roller Blinds

Why choose blinds over curtains?

Sometimes curtains just won’t cut it. An office situation is one of them. There, blinds are perfect. Not only because they give you better light control, but they always look neat and professional.

There are also times when blinds are a better option than curtains for home décor as well. They are tidier and take up much less space. Even though blinds are a much more minimalist look than curtains, they can add a modern, traditional or even a touch of island-style to a room. It all depends on the fabric and the type of blind you go for.

At Solomons we sell Sultan Roller Blinds.

Roller Blinds are one drop of fabric that is fitted around a roller at the base. When pulled up the fabric wraps evenly around the roller giving a clean line and a streamlined appearance.

Our blinds are available as ready-made, custom-made and made-to-measure in a wide variety of colours and fabrics.

We pride ourselves on only supplying quality blinds. Each blind we sell conforms to strict quality controls. They are extensively tested to guarantee that every blind performs correctly. They are manufactured with the complete Acmeda system including pre-looped chains. Every blind comes standard with brackets, fitting screws, chain stops and chains safes along with compulsory warning labels and tags. If you need double brackets, spring assists, bracket covers, easylink systems, motorisation, pelmets or stainless steel chains, we can supply those as well. The oval or round aluminium bottom rail is available in White, White Birch, Rivergum, Black or Anodised. The blind can also come in a plain or scallop finish.

Buying Tips

Blinds are often used in areas where a curtain would be too bulky. The nice thing about blinds is they give you the exact amount of privacy or light you’re looking for.

Opacity, colour and texture are the three elements you need to consider when buying blinds.


Opacity goes from black-out (great for undisturbed sleep, during the day or the night) to sheer (If you’re looking for privacy, but still want as much light as possible).


Blinds fit in well with formal, casual, comfortable or chic, upmarket, trendy, cosy or rustic. They can be almost invisible if you match the fabric to your wall paint, or they can add a strong contrast and drama in vibrant block colours. Dark colours help to keep a room warm and cosy, whereas lighter colours bring an airiness and coolness to a room as they deflect heat back to the outside.


If you go for patterns and detail in the fabric they can add a discreet, decorative element to a room. It all depends on your personal decorating style.

So, pop into one of our branches, or click on the links below to discover what we already know – there’s magic at Solomons!

Custom Roller Blinds

We can custom make your blind from a range of quality fabrics with different opacities, colours and textures. With our expert help, you can choose the perfect roller blind to suit your purpose. Call now to arrange a consultation.

Sunscreen Roller Blind

Blockout Roller Blind

Double Roller Blind

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